Super Hot and Quake fused into one game


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SuperQOT is a first-person shooter from the developers of the hit Super Hot; here, the gameplay of Super Hot is combined with the dark universe of Quake. Yes, that's right: the original Quake from id Software.

For those of you who are seriously out of the loop, the gameplay in Super Hot (and consequently SuperQOT) is very simple: it's a first-person shooter where everything happens in slow motion, except for when the player moves. When the player moves, all the enemies also move (and attack) at normal speed.

The visuals in SuperQOT have also been perfectly adapted to the Super Hot aesthetic. Absolutely everything in this game is taken directly from the original Quake. Settings, enemies, sound effects, and even weapons: wonderfully, all from Quake, and you can tell.

SuperQOT is a first-person shooter that combines tradition and innovation in a unique and glorious free game, allowing you to enjoy one of the great classics of gaming history seen through a very different lens.
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